The course designing process

Course (re)design includes the whole process of analyzing what you aim with your course, choosing matching teaching methods, testing the approach and evaluating learning and teaching.

During the course designing process the following aspects are of relevance:

  1. The education is designed with clear learning outcomes as a starting point (what should the students learn and how should they express it).
  2. Teaching is then designed to engage students in learning activities that optimize their chances of achieving those outcomes.
  3. Assessment tasks are designed to enable clear judgments about how well those outcomes have been attained.

Note that you can always contact our educational consultants to get help or advice on your idea, issue or problem.

If you have any questions about organizational/procedural aspects (course format, assessment matrix, osiris), please contact Nivard Koning for Biomedical Sciences and Hans Luijendijk for Biosciences. 

As a master’s programme coordinator or teacher you can initiate a request for the development of new course. If the new course fits one of the Master's programmes, consult first the programme coordinators to discuss your idea. Finally, submit your request to either the BMS director, Prof. Harold van Rijen, or Biosciences director, Prof. Han Wösten, for approval.

After approval, the course design phase starts. This process includes the development of the learning outcomes of the course in detail. It is expected that each of the learning outcomes corresponds with one or more of the overarching GSLS learning outcomes students acquire during their Master’s programme. More information on how to develop learning outcomes can be found here.

Based on the learning outcomes, the right work formats, course materials and assessment formats should be decided and developed. At the end of this phase the online course will be ready to be taught.

Every year, the course coordinator has to fill in the course format and the assessment matrix. The formats are used for the course information that is communicated towards the students via the studyguide and the osiris catalogue.

Please send proof of the approval for your course and the filled out documentation (course format and assessment matrix) to Nivard Koning (Biomedical Sciences) or Hans Luijendijk (Biosciences).

The course will receive a course code in Osiris and will be filled based on the course format document. Additionally the course will receive an entry on the Study Guide Life Sciences. The Board of Examiners will also officially approve the course coordinator and send a letter of appointment to the examiners.

If you have any questions about the course format, please contact for Biomedical Sciences Nivard Koning, and for Biosciences Hans Luijendijk. If you have any questions about the assessment matrix, please contact the Assessment Panel.

In the teaching phase, the course will be taught by you or a colleague teacher. You have to be available during the course, as contact person for the students (for example for questions about the content or the assignment). As a course coordinator, you will also be the examiner of the assessment. More information can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations.

After the completion of the course, students receive ECTS’s in Osiris. More information about how to register the course results can be found here.

At the end of the course, students fill in the GSLS evaluation form. The evaluation report will be sent to you and the Educational Committee. The results will be discussed and - when necessary - adjustments will be made for the next edition of the course. More information about the course evaluation procedures can be found here.