Blended learning

There are several ways to (re)design your education into a blended design. You can contact Sanne van Vugt or Anne-Petra Rozendal. ABMW/BMS blended learning advisors they guide you through the phases of design, development, and implementation of blended learning, show you the available IT applications, and provide educational and practical support.

The UMC Utrecht education-IT project Unlimited Learning (in Dutch) offers educational and practical advice and support about blended learning. You can find information about e-lectures, digital assessment, e-modules, e-simulations, voting tools, the collaboration lab (Coll@b) and evaluation and research.

See also Educational Technology for consultancy, faculty development, and Blackboard support.

Educate-it is a university-wide programme which helps teachers enhance and innovate their courses. Besides assisting teachers to (re)design their courses by incorporating the teaching methods and ideas of blended learning, Educate-it also offers practical and technical support for IT tools that have proved their educational value. 

The Educate-it Academy offers blended and online courses, workshops and summer and winter courses.