Assessment panel

The Graduate School of Life Sciences has established an Assessment Panel (AP) to ensure assessment quality for all Master’s degree programmes of the GSLS. The AP is a subcommittee of the Board of Examiners.

The AP advises on and monitors assessment quality. In addition, the AP aims to be a low-threshold committee for questions concerning any kind of assessment-related topic.

So, if you have a question about assessment, please feel free to contact the Assessment Panel via email.

The Assessment Panel monitors the quality of:

  • assessment procedures of the GSLS programmes as a whole
  • assessment procedures of the individual curriculum components
  • course exams, either by random sampling or upon request
  • assessment of complex tasks (e.g. presentations of scientific data, theses, research projects) by random sampling

The Assessment Panel collects and evaluates information on:

  • student perception of assessment
  • success rates
  • percentages of candidates achieving cum laude
  • grades for written assignments and research projects

The Assessment Panel advises on:

  • implementing effective assessment procedures
  • aligning assessment with learning outcomes set by the GSLS programmes
  • developing assessment matrices
  • grading written assignments
  • designing rubrics
  • professional development of examiners and staff with respect to assessment

The main task is to support coordinators and teachers in solving assessment-related issues. They will provide answers to your questions concerning assessment, i.e.

  • What is the best way to grade written assignments?
  • How can I improve the quality of my exam questions (both open ended and multiple choice)?
  • How do I design questions testing at various cognitive levels (knowledge, insight, or application)
  • How do I determine the distinction between pass and fail?
  • How can I evaluate the quality of my exam using psychometric analysis?
  • How do I interpret the psychometric values obtained?
  • How can I incorporate participation in group work activities in the (final) grade of the course?
  • etc.

Contact the Assessment Panel.

Inge E.T. van den Berg (Faculty of Medicine)

Chantal W.B. Boonacker (Julius Centre)
Annemarie Heersche (Department of Pharmacy)
Marianne W.H.C. Bol-Schoenmakers (IRAS)
Esther de Graaff (Department of Cell Biology)

Policy maker: Rianne A.M. Bouwmeester (Biomedical sciences)
EMP-support: Karin Scager (Centrum voor Onderwijs en Leren - Onderwijsadvies en training)

  • Development of rubrics for research reports, practical skill and presentation skills.

  • Paper “Cijfers in de master meester: hoe consistent is de beoordeling van stages en scripties bj de Graduate School of Life Sciences (UU)?”.