Educational Committee

The Educational Committee (EC) is composed of 14 members: 7 teaching staff and 7 students who represent the Master’s programmes of Graduate School of Life Sciences.

The main task of the Educational Committee consists of assessing and ensuring the quality of education of the Master’s programmes within the School. This is done by evaluating Master’s courses, writing assignments, and research projects using students’ evaluations and teachers’ feedback. The main aspects that are evaluated are the scientific level of the courses, study efficiency and student satisfaction. In addition, the EC looks at the overall quality of all the master’s programs using student opinions, exit evaluations, and a yearly meeting with each master coordinator.

The other tasks of the EC include yearly reviewing the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), discussing education related developments, and making general recommendation to the Board of Studies in order to improve the teaching within the GSLS.

Contact the Educational Committee Life Sciences
If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions concerning education in the Graduate School of Life Sciences, you can contact the Educational Committee via

Staff members

  • Dr. Inge The (chair, Faculty of Science)
  • Marianne Boes, PhD (Faculty of Medicine - Biomedical Sciences)
  • Paul Henricks, PhD (Faculty of Sciences)
  • Eric Huizinga, PhD (Faculty of Science)
  • Gerrit Koop, PhD (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Joep de Ligt, PhD (Faculty of Medicine - Biomedical Sciences)
  • Johan Bolhuis, PhD (Faculty of Medicine - Neuroscience and Cognition)

Student members

  • Celeste Dull (Biosciences - ENVB)
  • Esther van den Bergh (Biosciences - MCLS)
  • Tom van der Most (Biomedical Sciences - IMIF)
  • Mindy Asamoah (Biosciences - SBM)
  • Hanna de Groot (Biomedical Sciences - CSDB)
  • Matthijs Roobeek (Biosciences - BINN)
  • Geerte Koster (Biomedical Sciences - student's association 'Mebiose')


  • Gönül Dilaver, PhD (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Shirrinka Goubitz, PhD (Faculty of Science)


  • Marjan Batist-de Vos (minutes)

From left to right
Standing: Marianne Boes, Eric Huizinga, Mindy Asamoah, Marjan Batist-de Vos, Hanna de Groot, Geerte Koster, Paul Henricks.
Sitting: Matthijs Roobeek, Esther van den Bergh, Inge The, Shirrinka Goubitz.
Not in picture: Johan Bolhuis, Gerrit Koop, Joep de Ligt, Tom van der Most, Celeste Dull.