Educating a PhD

Training and education at the GSLS can be divided into 1) thematic / theoretical and 2) general (skills) training.

Thematic training refers to the acquisition of knowledge in (a) specific scientific discipline(s). General (skills) training refers to the development of academic and professional skills and competences. Both can be monitored using the PhD Competence Model and the accompanying self assessment form.

Each PhD candidate is expected to collect a minimum of 20 EC (European Credits) of courses per 4-years of research appointment.

Thematic training consists of a variety of elements such as participation in journal clubs, lab meetings, seminars, conferences, courses, PhD retreats and other activities organised by each specific PhD programme. Please make sure your PhD candidate is part of one of the PhD programmes offered by the GSLS.

Although your PhD candidate will be registered to one programme only the PhD candidate may participate in training activities of all other PhD programmes of the GSLS as well, free of charge, if space permits. 

The PhD Course Centre provides general (skills) education and training for all PhD candidates of the GSLS. You can find more information and an up-to-date list of all courses on offer on their website.

PhD Course Centre

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