End of the PhD

Before finishing a doctoral programme, the PhD candidate and the involved supervisors must fulfill several formalities in order to have a PhD thesis defence ceremony.

As part of completing the PhD track the PhD candidate may apply for the GSLS Training Certificate. The PhD candidate will receive this certificate from the GSLS on application if the TSA is formally approved and if the requirements of the GSLS with respect to training of PhD candidates are fulfilled (see for specifics the TSA).

The director/coordinator of the PhD programme (**linken) evaluates the qualification for the Training Certificate on behalf of the Board of Studies of the GSLS. The procedure for application of the Training Certificate and the application form can be found on the website of the GSLS.

The training certificate is handed to the PhD candidate during/after the thesis defence.

The last step in finalizing the PhD education requires that the PhD candidate defends his/her thesis. For specific information regarding the thesis defence Utrecht University made a list of required actions for PhD supervisors to complete the PhD track.